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The following listing provides answers to questions that are frequently asked by Wadsworth Township residents.


Which of the three Trustees represents the area of the Township where I live?
When, if ever, can I expect to have Wadsworth City utilities (electric, sewer, cable) where I live in the Township?
What are the rules for burning in my backyard?
Does anyone from the Township pick up raked leaves and branch trimmings?
Do I need a permit to replace a drive culvert?
How do I get a driveway permit?
Am I permitted to enclose the road ditch?
Who maintains the road in front of my property?
Who do I call if I see a dead animal on the road?
How do I recognize the road maintenance vehicles?
Who do I call if a tree is down on the road?
What law enforcement agency covers Wadsworth Township?
Whom do I call for fire and medical emergencies?
Whom do I call for trash and garbage collection?
Where can I learn more about the duties of Township Zoning representatives?