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Which of the three Trustees represents the area of the Township where I live?
Each Trustee represents the entire Township. If you have questions or need to speak with a Trustee, any (or all) of them may be contacted.

When, if ever, can I expect to have Wadsworth City utilities (electric, sewer, cable) where I live in the Township?
Wadsworth Township doesn't pursue acquiring City utilities for Township residents and the City doesn't prioritize providing to areas with low housing density outside the City limits. Where utilities are present in the Township is frequently a result of a subdivision developer bearing the cost to bring the lines to an area he is trying to develop and market.

What are the rules for burning in my backyard?
There is a 'no open burning' policy. You are not permitted to burn trash, leaves, etc. but are permitted to have a small, confined fire for cooking purposes only. It's always a good idea to consider how dry and windy it is before starting a fire and to have a garden hose nearby for extinguishing it.

Does anyone from the Township pick up raked leaves and branch trimmings?
No, you are encouraged to take yard waste to the Medina County Central Processing Facility located at 8700 Lake Road in Seville. You can also drop off many other items such as newspapers, batteries, and appliances. Their phone is 1-800-968-7273. Visit their website.

Do I need a permit to replace a drive culvert?
Yes, call the County Highway Department at 330-723-9568.

How do I get a driveway permit?
Call the County Highway Department at 330-723-9568

Am I permitted to enclose the road ditch?
It depends on the circumstances. The first step is to request a permit from the County Highway Department at 330-723-9568.

Who maintains the road in front of my property?
It could be the Township, the County, or the State (ODOT.) To determine who it is, go to the engineer's road map.

Who do I call if I see a dead animal on the road?
Call the road department that maintains that road.

How do I recognize the road maintenance vehicles?
All state, county and township trucks have the name on the door.

Who do I call if a tree is down on the road?
The Medina County Sheriff.

What law enforcement agency covers Wadsworth Township?
The Medina County Sheriff.

Whom do I call for fire and medical emergencies?
Call 911. Wadsworth Township contracts with the City of Wadsworth for Fire and EMS service.

Whom do I call for trash and garbage collection?
Independent collectors listed in the telephone directory.

Where can I learn more about the duties of Township Zoning representatives?
The following links to "Zoning Workshop Series" presentations by the Medina County Department of Planning Services can provide information. Acrobat 4 or higher is required.

Zoning Commission Zoning Inspector Board of Zoning Appeals