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All terms expire on January 1 of the year indicated except the Fiscal Officer, whose term runs to April 1 of the year indicated. Trustees and Fiscal Officer are elected for four-year terms. Zoning Commission members are appointed by the Trustees for five-year terms and the Zoning Board of Appeals members are appointed by the Trustees for three-year terms. The Zoning Inspector, Zoning Secretary, and Assistant Fiscal Officer are appointed for an indefinite term.

Chairman Kevin Keiper 2020 330.334.4165 wadsworth.twp.trustees@gmail.com
Vice Chairman James Gardner 2018 330.336.3906  
  Robert Engler 2018 330.958.0777  
Fiscal Officer
  Stefanie Horner 2020 330.336.6161 wadsworth.twp.fiscal@gmail.com



Zoning Commission
Chairman Frank Maimone 2022    
  Albert Jenkins 2021    
  Shawn Bouscher 2020    
  Lanny Jones 2019    
  Ty Powers 2018    
1st Alternate Position Vacant 2018    

Board of Zoning Appeals

Chairman Jeffrey Smith 2019    
  Earl Roberts 2020    
  Ronald Lewton 2018    
  Tom Cavanaugh 2020    
  Mark Williams 2018    
1st Alternate Kyle Rohrig 2019    
2nd Alternate Position eliminated      
Office Assistant
  Office Assistant   330.336.6161 wadsworth.twp.office@gmail.com
Zoning Inspector
  Dennis Banfield   330.335.5047  wadsworth.twp.zoning@gmail.com
Zoning Secretary
  Allen Bernstorf      
Road Maintenance / Township Garage

Jeff Hoerger

David Rogers